Composition with live electronics at Composit 2014

Two years ago, I was very excited to announce Composit 2012, a new music festival with composition courses, organized at the initiative of my friend composer Davide Ianni. In 2014, the project is expanding: the courses include a new live electronic music workshop. Students are going to write for solo instrument & live electronics, with their composition rehearsed and performed during the summer - solo instrument may be violin/viola d'amore, accordion, or classical guitar/electric guitar. Plus, with Emmanuel Jourdan as faculty, you have a first class Max specialist to help everyone get the electronics done, and ready for the concert.

It might not be too late to apply for this great summer course, offering to learn with senior composers Joshua Fineberg and Philippe Leroux. Visit the Composit web site to get the details, and do not hesitate to ask any question: the organizers of this even are wonderful and really passionate about new music.


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