Old & new: pipe organs of our time

Two recent takes on a wonderful instrument : the pipe organ.

First, listen to this story of a Melbourne Town Hall's pipe organ controlled by gestures. Microsoft's Kinect connected to Cycling 74's Max has enabled composers to control music with gestures for a while. The interesting point in composer Chris Vik's approach is the mix of old and new, as well as the scenic aspect (although a computer screen on stage is not appealing). Check it out here: Kinect-Controlled Pipe Organ.

Second, I'm glad that reverend Gomes' project for Harvard Memorial Church is achieved: Memorial Church's new organ.

Listen to the new Fisk Organ in Memorial Church

The last event in the inaugural series is the ARTS FIRST Concert, taking place this Sunday, April 29, at 4:00 p.m.
The Harvard University Choir presents a program showcasing the new organs in The Memorial Church, including works for two organs and choir.


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