A mad musical scientist?

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this NPR program: The Mad Musical Scientist Of Burbank, Calif.

It turns out to be a short portrait of composer and sound designer Diego Stocco. His work is very interesting: he is really at the crossroads of several musical traditions. Trained as a violinist, and still a bass player, he acquired valuable classical musician skills. But he is also a heir of Pierre Schaeffer: he is a true Musique concrète living composer. As in many cases, the traditions collide to make him a great creative artist!

For instance, check out this 5 minute video showing parts of the creative process for a sound signature:

A funny thing is that I just mentioned Diego Stocco as an inspiring person when I was asked a few questions by Cycling '74, in prevision of the workshop I'm giving during Expo '74. Read this short interview before this live spectral processing workshop with Max.

And keep in mind that nobody needs any computer or any software tools to create good new music!


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