Benedictus premieres tonight

I'm thrilled to announce the première tonight of Benedictus, the seventh part of my Arc-en-ciel cycle. I'm even more thrilled because the performance features two unique artists, with whom I profoundly enjoyed working:

  • Isabelle Jost, a great singer and professor. I already worked with her in 2005 for the première of Zygomatic
  • Jean-Marc Larché, the excellent saxophonist who plays notably in the Tarkovsky Quartet (they recorded on ECM: Tarkovsky Quartet's recordings)

Sacred music

In the Arc-en-ciel cycle, Benedictus is associated with the color purple, and with the theme of spiritual life. Religion, life & death collide when the latin text meets Baudelaire's poem L'examen de Minuit, from Les Fleurs du Mal.

The composition has also been inspired by the French artist Mylène Farmer.

Tonight's concert

Concert is taking place in Montbéliard, in the Palot concert hall, at 8:30 p.m.

The program features many compositions for acoustic instruments and live electronics:

  • Hans Tutschku: Zellen Linien, for piano & live electronics
  • Jean-François Charles: Benedictus, for voice, soprano saxophone, and electronic music
  • Julien Vincenot: Ascidacea II, for alto flute & live electronics
  • Jacopo Baboni Schilingi: Spatio intermisso (temporis), for soprano saxophone & live electronics
  • William Goutfreind: Études pour piano à quatre mains
  • Pascal Marchand: Étuve, for solo oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion (marimba, temple blocks) & live electronics


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