Learn spectral sound processing with Max

During the recent years, a number of musicians have been interested in my article A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter. Great news if you desire to learn more on this topic: I'll be teaching a class on spectral sound processing with Max and Jitter during the Fall. It will be a few hours roughly each other week, and will be part of the composition curriculum in Montbéliard Conservatory.

If you live in Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, and you want to learn more about Max, don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail.

Topics will include:

Audio Freeze Max for Live
Freeze 1.0, device for Max for Live
by Egor Poliakov, after one of my audio freeze Max patches


  1. Hello from 2018. Your MIT article and the accompanying code was mentioned on Facebook in the Max/MSP group, yesterday, 10 October. I went to Cycling74 and found a link to MIT which is not helpful in discovering the text; more interested in know if I'm a robot. I came here and found, up aboce, a reference to Martin Jaroszewicz which is also obsolete (although his web site seems to be actively maintained.) In short, is there any way that the article is available in the public domain? It appears to have been published 18 years ago but I suspect it is still useful, even if conceptually, for the Max/Jitter version 8 environment. Somehow this site knows who I am already -- thank you Google -- but I'll leave an email address in case you have time and interest in communicating: edwared(dot)nixon(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Edward, thanks for the question. The article is still very relevant. It is available on the website of the Computer Music Journal. It turns out that yes, the article is free from their web site:
      All best.


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