David Fiuczynski at Harvard

I am thrilled to announce that the next guest of the Harvard Group for New Music Colloquium Series is Dave Fiuczynski. He is not only a virtuoso guitar player, but also a professor, a composer, a producer, and more.

I wanted him to be invited because he is a true creator of new music. He has been playing fretless and microtonal guitars for years. More importantly, he has incorporated microtonality in a contemporary music context, both in melodic and harmonic ways. For instance, listen to Moonring Bacchanal on this page: KiF Express. I strongly encourage you to listen to his most recent album, Kif Express on amazon. Here is an excerpt from the allaboutjazz review:

Kif Express places Fuze beyond cutting-edge, as a conceptualist of daunting capabilities and unwavering vision and one of the instrument's continuously consistent innovators.

David Fuze Fiuczynski by Hiromi Uehara
Picture CC by Hiromi Uehara

Fretless Guitar with multiple colors

On this video on archive.org, check out when David explains how he plays with different sound colors: sitar, oud, slide guitar...

There is a nice picture of a 1/6th tone guitar in this thread on thegearpage forum.

Finally, here is an interesting interview, combined with concert excerpts. Forget about the microtones, enjoy the music!


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