15-16/60 - Bagict - Premiere in Switzerland

Bagict is a duet for clarinet and saxophone.

I am thrilled to dedicate this work to two friends, musicians, and scholars: Ryan Raul Banagale (have a look at amusicology.com) and Michael Scott Cuthbert. Both of them are participants in the project 60/60. Because they joined the creation almost at the same time, I decided to pair them.

The piece is called Bagict: hear a little magic and a little Babbitt (it's related to the presents each of them chose - more on that another time).

Here is the current version of the first page of the score:

Bagict for clarinet and saxophone act 1 draft


We are very lucky: the work will be premiered next week by Vincent Daoud and Yuji Noguchi, wonderful performers of the ensemble Hic Et Nunc.

An excerpt of the tasteful invitation I received - original version, of course:

Freitag, 15. August 2008, ab 19.00 Uhr
Théâtre de Poche, Brunngasse 1, 2502 Biel (http://map.search.ch/biel-bienne/brunngasse-1)


  • ab 19.00 Uhr     Eintreffen der Gäste
  • 19.15     Uhr Kurzvorstellung von Vincent Daoud durch die kantonale Musikkommission
  • 19.30 Uhr     Konzert von Vincent Daoud mit Gästen:
    • Commentaires (extraits) de Georges Aperghis - Yuji Noguchi (clarinette basse) et Vincent Daoud (saxophone ténor)
    • Monstres et Princesses de Luis Naon pour clarinette et saxophone soprano (création) - Yuji Noguchi et Vincent Daoud
    • Alter ego de Georges Aperghis pour saxophone ténor seul - Vincent Daoud
    • Bagict, pour clarinette basse et saxophone ténor (création) - Yuji Noguchi et Vincent Daoud
    • Improvisation de Yuji Noguchi, Vincent Daoud plus invité(s)
  • anschliessend Gemeinsamer Apéro

Ein Kurzporträt von Vincent Daoud zur Einstimmung finden Sie auf seiner Website (http://www.vincentdaoud.com).

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Amt für Kultur des Kantons Bern


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